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Elaya-Jane McGarvey

Spiritual Kinesiologist
Bowen Therapist
Empowerment Specialist
Youth Worker

Live fearless, love without limit,
Push beyond, forgive and transmit,
Let go with grace, for life is infinite.


My Mission

I am dedicated to empowering individuals who are eager to overcome both personal and professional challenges. My approach involves crafting tailored strategies that deepen your understanding of your unique circumstances. Together, we set clear goals focused on achieving emotional clarity and managing stress effectively.

Through a personalized plan that leverages the best tools and approaches, I offer continuous guidance to help you navigate the way that you interact with life’s complexities. This support is designed to help you break away from limiting patterns and foster significant growth.

A Spiritual Kinesiology session with me blends practical and spiritual advice with physical assessments, all while gaining a profound understanding of your identity at the soul level. My aim is to assist you in building resilience, clarifying your goals, and achieving enduring success. Together, we can work towards the goal of unlocking your full potential, equipping and inspiring you to thrive in every aspect of your life.

My Story

My path to wellness began after the birth of my first baby when I was 25 years old.  I realized how unwell I was and had been, forever it seemed, and now had to find a way to understand who and what I had become, in order to inspire this little being that he could be/do anything during his life time. I wanted to inspire him to live without limits, if that is what he chose. Or to live within limits, that he had set, not external forces. I wanted my child to feel empowered, but I was very broken.

I had been suffering from PTSD after witnessing a fatal accident during my childhood. It was undiagnosed and help was not forthcoming at the time of the accident and we had no idea of where to look during the years after. So i learned how to cope. By the time I was an adult, I learned that the mask that I wore would keep me safe, but that it was at a cost! I had already developed serious issues with addiction, anxiety and depression, they were the prices that I unknowingly agreed to pay. 

My recovery involved heavy meditation practices, deep Kinesiology sessions, herbal & vibrational medicines, education around what it meant to be healthy, exploration into the intricate web of mind/body association, detoxifying my mind/body/soul, my psychic expansion. 

I first became a Herbal Medicine Practitioner, then a Meditation Teacher, a Kinesiologist and now a Bowen Therapist. With these four modalities, I possess the ultimate toolkit for ultimate healing and recovery.

While I was working with Clients in my Kinesiology practice, I became increasingly aware that I was being guided to open up to higher methods of healing.  I had severe vision fatigue and the sensation that I was going blind! It was a bit of a blur back then as I had one foot in the mental world and one foot in the Spiritual, leaving me with a deep sense that there had to be more to this lifetime. When I did some exploration around this issue, I realized that I had a limiting belief that I could not have my psychic vision as well as my worldly vision.  After clearing this incorrect mindset, I began along the pathway to opening up my psychic energy and opening up my pathway to my clair gifts. I am primarily Clairsentient (I feel) and Claircognizant (I know). 
Along with this psychic exploration, I have grown as a Practitioner and I have combined my Meditation expansion techniques to formulate my own style of Spiritual Kinesiology.  I now have the ability to work as a channel between the physical and the spiritual realms to assist my Clients in the most powerful way to bring about massive changes and huge breakthroughs in the quest for  their own Spiritual awakening.  A session with me is a combination of a Kinesiology session and a psychic reading.

Would you like to work with me? 
It is always fun, insightful and could even be life changing.
Maybe I have some magic to share so that you can move along with your journey in a way that brings you more fulfillment?

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Elaya-Jane McGarvey - Spiritual Kinesiologist, Empowerment Specialist and Bowen Therapist
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