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I am Elaya-Jane 
Thank you for seeing me 

My mission is to love unconditionally and without limit..

My goal is to teach others the merit of an unlimited mindset.

I am passionate about loving others, whether they be good or bad.

Life is a choice, and I choose to embrace it fully.


Formally known as Jane McGarvey and a very long time ago, known as Jane Henry, my life has had many changes. I have always found myself living in a very dynamic way with laughter being my ultimate love language.

My parents named me Jane, I was always Elaya as my soul name. I am committed to living as a human and have decided to acknowledge both my names in the one place: Elaya-Jane.  I can now move freely between realms, accessing higher truths and living in divine alignment.


The mission given to me during this lifetime, is to teach other people how to gain their own unique freedom and if they chose to, move beyond limitations, and join the unrestricted dimensional reality that I now enjoy residing within.

As a Practitioner with over 17 years experience, I have a history of working with all walks of life to assist them, in many different ways, on their wellness journey. I love the "aha" moments that a client has when the penny drops!
I hold 3 Diplomas in the Wellness industry, many certificates, now choosing to focus on Spiritual Kinesiology and Bowen Therapy, in both human and equine settings.  I am a lifelong learner, always expanding and pushing beyond previous limitations.

Elaya-Jane McGarvey: Spiritual Kinesiologist, Empowerment Specialist and Bowen Therapist
Elaya-Jane McGarvey: Spiritual Kinesiologist, Empowerment Specialist and Bowen Therapist

Spiritual Kinesiology sets out to balance physical and spiritual harmony, to assist you in experiencing more Spiritual wellness within your life experience. By weaving together the principles of Kinesiology with Spiritual expansion, we can uncover and resolve trauma and sabotage strategies that are holding you back from enjoying the intricate tapestry of your unique Spiritual essence. It is a combination that draws out the whispers of the body's energy, emotions and the soul's yearnings, opening up the subtle dialogue of your inner and outer landscapes, interpreting the language of your soul.


As an Empowerment Specialist, I work in a very dynamic way that takes a Kinesiological approach to identify and open up your psychic channel, so that I can connect with your Spiritual Guidance team to identify and align you with your higher self and illuminate soul purpose. Don't worry, even if you are afraid to know who and what you might be, the information is still always useful for when you are ready to step into your divine self. 

The addition of Bowen Therapy to my skill set is to assist clients to fully integrate their emotional experience into the physical experience.  I believe that any disturbance with the physical body has an underlying emotional connection and Bowen takes a very gentle and non-confrontational approach to unravelling the emotional connections. Gentle rolling moves send signals deep within the tissues and up to the brain, to allow the physical body to release the deep tension that is carried within the body when we are feeling stressed. The release typically felt after a Bowen session is often surprising as it affects all aspects of the being: physical/emotional/spiritual. Bowen Therapy can be applied when there is an issue with your physical body alone, or as a regular therapy to maintain optimal state of wellbeing.

My most recent professional development is the addition of Equine Therapy. Horses have always held a very special place in my heart and I am feeling beyond blessed to expand my business beyond that of working with humans to include my equine friends.

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Elaya-Jane McGarvey - Spiritual Kinesiologist, Empowerment Specialist and Bowen Therapist
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