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Spiritual Kinesiology

Spiritual Kinesiology sets out to balance the physical body and align with your spirituality, to assist you in experiencing more Spiritual wellness within your life experience. By weaving together the principles of Kinesiology with Spiritual expansion, we can uncover and resolve trauma and sabotage strategies that are holding you back from enjoying the intricate tapestry of your unique Spiritual essence.

It is a combination that draws out the whispers of the body's energy, emotions and the soul's yearnings, opening up the subtle dialogue of your inner and outer landscapes, interpreting the language of your soul. Book a Spiritual Kinesiology session with me to enliven your connection with your Spiritual self and to honor the beauty and depth of your unique soul. You will want to record this session as there can be a lot of information come through once the channel has opened.

Adult sessions are available online on Mondays and Fridays, or in person at Luna Wellness Collective in Yandina on Wednesdays.

Kinesiology is also great for young people. Book them in if they are struggling with direction, acceptance, identity, reactivity, anxiety and/or depression. Using specialized techniques to get to the heart of the underlying issue, in the shortest possible time, with the most minimal upset for your child. Each session will explore underlying patterns/triggers/factors and instructions for your young person, to support the treatment and move beyond the underlying patterns and behaviors. It is advisable that a parent or guardian is available to sit with the child during each session, as long as the young person is comfortable.

After you have made a booking for the young person, please email:
1) young person's date of birth
2) dot-point list of 1-3 concerns that they are experiencing
3) major known traumas
4) parenting set up
5) an idea of availability and preference for skype/messenger/zoom/whatsapp.

3 sessions are generally required, 2 weeks apart. Session fee is $75 AUD for each 40 minute session. For primary school aged children and younger, sessions are also online, take between 20 and 30 minutes, cost $50. Availability for young people is on Monday and Fridays online.

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